Print/Bind Workshop in UK

May 20, 2015toMay 22, 2015



The first days of the workshop will be spent making various prints using techniques easily replicated at home (no need for presses). These include trace mono-prints, gelatin prints, pouchoir, rubber stamps, and suminagashi.  Each technique uses minimal materials and can be used in combination with more complex imagery. The prints will then be used to make a drum-leaf binding, developed originally by Timothy Ely. The book is not sewn and uses minimal glue. Single folios make up the text block eliminating the need to register images across the gutter. This binding is perfect for the display of artwork that requires a full spread without a break. The pages open flat and it can have either soft or hard covers. Many binders in the USA use the Drum Leaf binding and Emily will be teaching it here in the UK for the first time.

Emily will be speaking at St Bride Foundation in London a few days after her workshop about her own work and also about the Guild of Bookworkers in the US, of which she is the chairperson of the Midwest Chapter. St Bride is also holding an exhibition of her Pantone Postcard Project opening on the 15th of June, 2015.

UK workshop