Very Like a Whale

I have completed my print for the Bodleian Bibliographical Press “Very like a whale” project. 200 years after the birth of Herman Melville, the Bodleian Bibliographical Press has invited printers everywhere to honor the author by printing parts of ‘The Whale,’ (London, October 1851), or, as it is best known, ‘Moby-Dick; or, The Whale’ (New York, November 1851). The aim is to print, collectively, the section of the novel, ‘Extracts. Supplied by a sub-sub librarian.’ I have printed Extract #10: “And whereas all the other things, whether beast or vessel, that enter into the dreadful gulf of this monster’s (whale’s) mouth, are immediately lost and swallowed up, the sea-gudgeon retires into it in great security, and there sleeps.” —MONTAIGNE. —Apology for Raimond Sebond. I used hand-set Baskerville type locked up in Daredevil furniture on my Vandercook SP15 and paste paint on Johannot paper. For more information go to: