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The Tragedy of King Lear, 2019, 12″ x 6″, $1,100.00

I began reading King Lear again after the 2016 presidential election. If Hillary Clinton had been elected maybe I would have gravitated to Macbeth. As I read and reread the play I tried to focus only on the themes of the tragedy. There are many differences between this play and current events but there are also some similarities. The vanity and folly of an aging man is a family tragedy. When that man is also the leader of a nation it becomes a tragedy for the whole country. I would like to thank Laura Martin for introducing me to Man Ray’s painting Hamletat the Cleveland Museum of Art. This in turn led me to the book Man Ray Human Equations {a journey from mathematics to Shakespeare}, published by Hatje Cantz Verlag, Germany 2015. Printed letterpress on Text Wove paper using hand set type, polymer plates from Boxcar Press, pressure printing, collage, and paper engineering. Bound with covers of Grey Rives BFK Heavyweight using a packed single needle link stitch and linen thread. Encased in a cloth covered clam shell box. Printed in an edition of 25.


Cross Words, 2019, 5″ x 3 5/8″, $50.00

This paper was given to me by Andrew Honey, conservator at the Bodleian Libraries during my residency at the Bodleian Bibliographical Press in the fall of 2018. The full watermark says India, Oxford, made in Great Britain, with the crest of Oxford University. Andrew has very little information on this very thin and very opaque paper other than it was intended for the printing of bibles. I have wondered if it was intended for bibles to be taken to India by missionaries. At that same time as the gift of the paper, on the North Sentinel Island, administered by India, a Christian missionary was killed by members of the Sentinelese Tribe despite strict prohibitions on outside contact. The Sentinelese are the only uncontacted tribe on earth inhabiting their own island. They are extremely vulnerable to diseases and social breakdown in the event of contact with outsiders. They have repeatedly made clear their desire to be left alone. Printed from polymer plates made from rubber stamped texts on a Vandercook SP15. The end sheets were also given by Andrew Honey. The covers are duplexed Bugra paper. Printed in an edition of 50.


Order of Appearance: Disorder of Disappearance, 2018, 9″ x 10″, $250.00

A gate fold pamphlet book inspired by the stage direction “Exit, pursued by a bear” from Act III of the Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare. Ten varied performers enter and exit to a variety of directions. Printed using hand-set type, linoleum blocks and P22 Blox on Mohawk Superfine paper with a duplexed Bugra paper cover. Printed in an edition to 30. Printed while Printer-in-residence at the Bodleian Bibliographic Press, Oxford, England.

IMG_6147 IMG_6167 IMG_6161

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King Leer: A Tragedy in Five Puppets, 2018, $850.00/set

Five puppets in a boxed set, four of the puppets have quotations from our 45th and current president. The 2016 election results turned my thoughts to the character of King Lear and from there they descended to King Leer. If Hillary Clinton had been elected maybe I would have gravitated to MacBeth. I decided to use the President’s own words against him. Happily, I had puppet knowledge to draw on. Over the last year, I worked out the full set of five forms. Each puppet has been made with the materials appropriate to their nature, three of the puppets are paper, one is cloth and the other is a sock.  The puppets are contained in a set of stacked boxes with an accompanying pamphlet. King Leer video

Martin-2  Martin-4 Martin-5

Funny Ha Ha Funny Peculiar or Funny Peculiar Funny Ha Ha, 2017, 12″ x 10″ x 1″ $2,200.00

This book(s) is the result of my extended study of Shakespeare’s comedies. I find the comedies individually to be enjoyable but there is a sameness to many of the plots that allows me to mix them up in my head. So much mistaken identity, gender confusion and various other contrivances while romping their way to a fifth act wedding or two. Even more problematic are the decidedly unfunny themes that are common in many of these same comedies such as hypocrisy, sexual harassment, intolerance, sexism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism. I struggled for a long time to integrate all these ideas. I finally realized that what I needed to do was to address each aspect separately, thus a dos a do book. Each side has its own focus and treatment. The characters are the same in both books. They are printed using the P22 Blox which are a set of modular shapes that can be interchanged to change the body’s posture and gestures. The P22 Blox allows the presentation of the characters as interchangeable as well. Funny Peculiar is a drum leaf book and presents selected lines from five plays delivered by characters on a stage set. Funny Ha Ha is a slice book allowing the viewer to mix and match the costumes and gender of the characters in a variety of postures. Funny Peculiar is letterpress printed on an SP15 Vandercook proof press using hand set type and P22 Blox combined with rubbings, ink washes, and collagraphs to make the images. Printed on Domestic Etch paper with gray Pescia end sheets. Funny Ha Ha is printed on an SP15 Vandercook proof press using hand set type combined with relief printing using P22 Blox, collagraphs, and polymer plates from Boxcar Press to make the images. Printed on white Pescia paper with gray Pescia end sheets. Bound in a modified dos a do binding to hold the sewn text block slice book on one side and the drum leaf text block on the other side. The hard covers are covered with Arrestox book cloth and three vivid colored cotton papers color matched and custom made by Katie MacGregor. The book is 12 inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. Housed in a clamshell box covered in Japanese linen cloth. Funded in part by a grant from the College Book Arts Association. Made in an edition of 25.

paper dolls

Funny Ha Ha Paper Dolls, 2017 10″ x 8″,  $175.00/$350.00 standard/deluxe.

Letterpress printed on Lettra paper from handset type, relief printing using P22 Blox, collagraphs and polymer plates. The standard paper dolls set includes 9 sheets with two figures and a variety of costume and genitalia options. The deluxe paper dolls sets includes the two sets of the sheets, one cut and the other uncut. An edition of 25. Housed in a plastic reclose-able envelope.


What Desdemona Never Says, 2014, 2″ x 10”, $35.00 each

Five different Mobius strips printed using handset type printed letterpress and trace monotypes. A reworking of Desdemona’s lines by rearranging her original words from the Shakespeare play, Othello to give her something else to say. Each an edition of 10 with 2 proofs.


Landlocked, 2013, 9” x 12” then folded, $100.00

A map fold book and origami boat printed with letterpress on discarded maps that have paste paint embellishments on one side. Both items have additional maps forms printed on the other side and a very short text: Landlocked, yet flowing to the sea. Made at the invitation of artist Alice Austin for a performance in Venice, Italy, these maps refer to the state of Iowa a landlocked location but bordered by two large rivers, the Mississippi and the Missouri that flow to the ocean and in this instance on to Venice an island city. The origami boats are waxed with beeswax for protection during their launch into the waters flooding San Marco Plaza in Venice. Edition of 18.


Out There In Here, 2012, 10 ¾” x 10 ¾”, $800.00

A double tunnel book presenting my idea of my mother’s reality and imagined situation. My mother has frontal lobe dementia. From the beginning her diagnosis was very troubling for her and the rest of the family. As time has passed and her dementia has progressed the family continues to note her deterioration and mourn her loss to us. She, however, is less and less aware of her changing state. She is more and more often in other places and times where she is busy and happy. None of us can follow her where she goes but there is nothing to be gained by trying to remind her of where she really is. Paste papers, ink transfer drawings and laser printing on Mohawk Superfine paper. Enclosed in a clamshell box. Edition of 25.

Unsupervised, 2010, 4” x 3”, $20.00

An accordion book with 5 colorfully dressed figures and a text discussing my clothing choices and how they have changed now that they are no longer being scrutinized daily by others. Inkjet printed on Mohawk cover stock. Edition of 50.

Is That What You’re Wearing?, 2010, 9” x 4”, $125.00

A magic wallet with two subtitles” one side starts with “My mother asks” and the other side starts with “My daughters ask” followed by the title on both sides of “Is That What You’re Wearing?” A response to my realization of how my clothing choices have changed now that my attire is no longer scrutinized daily by others. Inkjet printed images and letterpress printed titles on University of Iowa flax paper and moriki papers. Edition of 20.



Sweet Dreams, Sweat Dreams, 2010, 5” x 4”, $35.00
A short story of my childhood sleep problems with assorted illustrated nightmares. Printed on Rives Lightweight paper using inkjet and letterpress printing. The fonts used are Lithos Pro and Baskerville. The cover paper is Hahnemuhle Ingres deep green. Double pamphlet binding. Edition of 50.

The Irreverent Woman and Her Hungry Friend, 2010, 10” x 6” x 4”, $100.00

This is intended to be a series, but so far there is just this mobius strip. A joint effort from Emily Martin and Alice Austin combining images and texts from their everyday lives. The general theme of the series is that Alice is hungry all the time and Emily is hungry after she wakes up a bit and stays that way until she falls asleep again. Printed using inkjet on Arches Text Wove paper and enclosed in a hinged lid box. Open edition but probably not a lot of copies.


Lasagna Then and Now, 2009, 7 ½” x 7 ½”, $30.00

A memoir of sorts, bringing together the story of the making of my first artist’s book with a new treatment of that earlier idea. A book of photographs and text using the self print on demand service. Open edition.


It Didn’t Just Happen, 2008, 9” x 6 ½”, $275.00

An accordion book of images with overprinted text lines, working together to suggest an ambiguous narrative. The images are organized as if casting a play, with three separate figures holding weapons of various kinds, 3 pairs kissing, dancing or toasting each other, three separate figures crying, sneaking or running, a crime scene body outline and 2 versions each of 4 different room settings. The text was written for the book. The images are letterpress printed using pressure printing, polymer plates and a linoleum block. The texts are letterpress printed from hand set Baskerville type. The paper used is Mohawk Superfine. The accordion is enclosed in a paper case of Canford Paper. Edition of 15.


Who, What, Where, When; 2008, 9” x 6 ½”, $325.00

A drum leaf bound book of words and images on facing pages, working together to suggest an ambiguous narrative. The images are organized as if casting a play, with three separate figures holding weapons of various kinds, 3 pairs kissing, dancing or toasting each other, three separate figures crying, sneaking or running, a crime scene body outline and 2 versions each of 4 different room settings. The text was written for the book. The images are letterpress printed using pressure printing, polymer plates and a linoleum block. The texts are letterpress printed from hand set Baskerville type. The paper used is Mohawk Superfine. Drum leaf binding with attached hard covers. Edition of 25.

Vicious Circle #6, 2008, 5” x 5”, $45.00

This rotating ring is not part of the flexagon series, it is a continuation of an earlier series of rotating rings long sold out. Printed letterpress in two colors on safety orange construction paper from the French Paper Company and enclosed in a plastic sleeve with a paper wrapper containing the operating instructions and colophon. Edition of 100.


Siftings, 2008, 11” x 6”, boxed $250.00, standard $175.00

A relief printed book using pressure printing, letterpress and inkjet. The text is a set of 50 short sometimes very short stories of events from my growing up. It started as a remembrance of my mother and expanded out to include my family, my neighborhood, my elementary school and my nervous stomach. The pressure printed images included relate to certain of the stories. Bound using the “Secret Belgian” binding, a binding with an interesting sewing pattern at the spine. Sixty pages. Edition of 35, numbers 1-10 are enclosed in a silk covered clamshell box lined with marbled paper made by Stephen Pittelkow. A photograph, taken in 1960 is embedded inside the box.


The Flexagon Series, 2006-7, various sizes, $200.00

This flexagon series started with Inside Out or Denial is a Wonderful Thing, printed letterpress in two colors and used the continuous flexagon format. Inside Out is a 6 inches square flexagon, printed on Mohawk Superfine paper and is enclosed in a folder with complete operating instructions. The second in the series is Mid-Coastal, a 1000 Mile Commute, printed letterpress in two colors and used the tetraflexagon format. Mid-Coastal is a 5” x 10” flexagon printed on French’s Cement colored construction paper enclosed with an instruction card in a plastic sleeve. The third in the series is Nice vs. Polite, printed letterpress in two colors and used the woven flexagon format. Nice vs. Polite is a 6” x 4” flexagon printed on Mohawk Superfine paper with operating instructions and enclosed in a plastic sleeve. The fourth in the series is A Game of Fetch, printed letterpress in two colors using the hexaflexagon format. A Game of Fetch is a 6” x 6” flexagon printed on Mohawk Superfine paper and enclosed in a plastic sleeve. The fifth in the series is Where Ever You Go There You Are, printed letterpress in three colors using the rotating ring format. Wherever You Go There You Are is a 5” x 5” flexagon printed on slate blue construction paper from the French Paper Company and enclosed in a plastic sleeve with a paper wrapper containing the operating instructions and colophon. All of the flexagons are in editions of 100. A lidded box designed to contain all five of the flexagons is also available.


Sleepers, Dreamers & Screamers, 2006, 9 ½“ x 7”, $850.00

An accordion pop-up book, printed letterpress with hard covers enclosed in a matching clamshell box. The pop-ups are constructed of a variety of papers including a cotton and gampi paper made for the project by Bridget O’Malley of Cave Paper. The complete text is “We’ve all had nightmares. Vivid as they may be there is always that sweet release upon waking. But what happens when events in our waking lives surpass even our most horrific dreams. Where is our release now? ”This book was begun in 2001 and derailed by events of September 11, 2001. The text was rewritten in the aftermath and finally completed. Edition of 15.

Fly Away, 2005, 9” x 8” x 1”, $250.00

A triangular accordion book printed using letterpress, inkjet and pouchoir on Sakamoto paper, the primary text muses on the sometime desire to flee one’s own life. There are three texts that run along different facets. When the book is standing upright all three facets are visible. A nontraditional variation of the Japanese double leaved album with an attached hard cover wrapped in Moriki paper. Edition of 50.


Slices, 2004, 4” tall, 8” in diameter, $175.00

A letterpress printed carousel book constructed of Moriki paper and Thai striped paper. The text is positioned on top of each of the 12 slices; each segment of text contains 50 words. This book was produced in conjunction with the artist’s 50th birthday. Hard cover wrapped in Thai striped paper with an imbedded magnetic strip to hold the cake in it’s full circle. Edition of 50.


Does Any of This Look Familiar, 2002, 10 ½” x 5”, $800.00

A letterpress book of 5 essays and linked images, printed with handset type, polymer plates and relief printed images on a hemp and cotton paper specifically made for the project by Lynn Amlie, Papermaker at the University of Iowa Center for the Book Paper Facility. Bound in the vade mecum format with a flax wrapper cover, stab binding and hanging strap. Edition of 10. Printed while in residence at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis, MN with additional funding from the Iowa Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.


Away, 2001, 4 1/8 ” x 3 1/8″, $50.00

A letterpress printed accordion book with text on one side and a continuous image on the other side, addressing the pluses and minuses of “getting away from it all”. Attached hard covers. Edition of 100.

Juror # 13, 2001, 4 ½” x 6″, $10.00

An archival ink jet printed pamphlet book using Crescent and Canson papers, detailing the conflicting reactions to serving on a jury. Each statement of the text is paired with another contrary statement. The pages are laid out with one statement along the bottom of the page and the other statement upside down along the top of the page. The book has two fronts and the book can be opened and read in various orders. Pamphlet sewn pages and end papers with a wraparound paper cover. Edition of 150.

How Can I Love You?, 2000, 4 ¼” x 5 ½”, $30.00

A color Xerox slice book of images from the It Isn’t Always Funny series, with pages divided in thirds for multiple viewing possibilities. Card stock with a green plastic comb binding. Open edition.

closed  yes no

Yes, Please & No, No, Never, 1998, 3 ½” x 3 ½” x 2″, $150.00

A Jacob’s ladder format of the do’s and don’ts of manners.  Color Xerox images over binder’s board with plastic straps. Contained in a folded box with operating instructions. Edition of 25.

view-2 view-1

A Shrine to the Ups and Downs of Everyday Life, 1995, 9″ x 9″ x 2″, $300.00

Xerox images on dyed Japanese papers, layered over foam core with Japanese screen hinges to form a series of images which can open, reverse and fold shut. One of a series of 10.

Each shrine has a different combination of dyed papers and may differ from the version shown here.