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New Prints started during Penland Residency

#1  #3

I am exploring Othello with a particular interest in Desdemona and her appalling passivity. I am using her lines from Shakespeare’s play and rearranging the words to give her new lines to speak up for herself. The suite of prints are far from done but the residency at Penland has allowed me to sort out many of my thoughts on this project.


Maps and Boats ready to go to Venice


I will be going to Venice soon to complete a collaborative project with Alice Austin. We have both made printed and waxed origami boats and printed Turkish map fold maps. Mine are titled LANDLOCKED yet flowing to the sea referring to my location here in Iowa and then my transport to Venice an island city on the Adriatic. We hope to take advantage of the Alta Aqua (high tide) which occurs in Venice in November. More pictures will be posted on my return.


All 100 postcards have now been returned! One card was mailed but has never arrived and there is one rogue volunteer which no one has commented on. The postcards have been to Santiago, Chile and will go to Washington DC and Venice Italy this fall for informal exhibits. Formal exhibits are in the works for 2014.

IMG_1237 IMG_0595

Above, the finished cards in the order they were returned and the original cards in their spectrum order.

Pantone® Postcard Project

March 5, 2013toApril 22, 2013

For Valentine’s Day my sister Martha gave me a box of 100 Pantone® color postcards. They seemed to cry out for some kind of special activity. Sooo, on Facebook, I asked for volunteers to receive these postcards, randomly selected, stamped and addressed to me. The 99 other makers will then consider the color they have been given and do something to the postcard in response to that color and put it back in the mail to me. The only restriction is that the postcard be able to pass through the US Postal Service.

Eventually there will be an exhibit at CSPS, Legion Arts, in Cedar Rapids, IA USA. Check the POSTCARDS page through the links to see the postcards as they come in. I will also post the images and names on the Pantone Postcard Project page on Facebook page.

The postcards are due April 22, 2013.

The right side of the double tunnel


The panels for this side were much slower to dry because of the thickness of the ink from the mono-printing. This set of photographs shows the progression of the layering of the panels. I am continuing to work on folding and cutting all the hinges needed to assemble the panels into the tunnels with space between each of the panels.  Click on any image to enlarge it.

The left side of the double tunnel

The panels have been pressed and each of the windows cut out. This set of photographs shows the progression of the layering of the panels. I am now working on folding and cutting all the hinges needed to assemble the panels into the tunnels with space between each of the panels. The panels for the right side are much slower to dry and are still awaiting cutting. Click on any image to enlarge it.

The panels will be hinged for greater depth when the book is opened.

Production continues

The left side of the book will be a paste painted tunnel. The text and image are laser printed to withstand the paste. When the panels are dry the potato chip effect is in evidence but an overnight in the press makes a world of difference. Below are the other 4 panels for the tunnel. After everything is dry and pressed the windows will be cut.


New Book in Production

Ink transfers are a monoprint process. #1 I started by laser printing the text onto the front side and also printing the template for the monoprint onto the back of each sheet. I covered the text line on the front with a sheet of scrap paper. I am using 100lb Mohawk text and Vanson rubber based ink. #2 I inked up a piece of plexi, placed each sheet onto the inked surface.  #3 I traced the template lines with a pencil. #4 The print with the scrap paper in place and the plexi. #5 The print without the scrap paper. #6 I want a light tone over the text so I will put the paper back on the ink and apply very gentle pressure. #7 The print after additional toning. #8 The print trimmed to be the front panel of the tunnel book. Click on any image to see a larger version.