September 1, 2015toSeptember 1, 2017


My book Yes, Please and No, No, Never; a Jacob’s ladder will be included in this two year touring exhibit throughout Bucks County, PA.

Coffey Residency – week six


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The Coffey Residency ended on August 7 with 5 of the 35 copies of All Sorts assembled. All Sorts is a 6 panel tunnel book with a protective panel and a paper slipcase. I once again am grateful for all the great tunnel book assembly techniques I learned long ago from Ed Hutchins. Ellen Knudson and I will each finish half of the remaining copies in our own studios next week. The breakneck pace of the residency was exhausting at times but it is always interesting to see what happens when you make decisions quickly and keep moving forward. Working with Ellen was the best part of the residency.

Coffey Residency – week five


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All the pieces of the book, slipcase and keepsake have been printed. 41 print runs and one blind emboss for folding. All together, sheets of paper passed through the press 1,749 times. Amazingly we are still on schedule. Next week will be cutting and assembly.

The Coffey Residency – week four


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It’s a short work week for week four. I will be away through the weekend to Cape Cod to celebrate my daughter’s 30th birthday. All the backgrounds are now printed in two colors. Lots and lots of patterns. 18 print runs have been completed, 23 remain.

The Coffey Residency – week three


IMG_3518 IMG_3520 IMG_3538 IMG_3531

Week three started with prepping. At the end of the week, all the paper has been cut, the inks are mixed, the plates have arrived from Boxcar and printing has begun. There are more press runs than I care to contemplate at the moment but I love checking them off, one by one.

The Coffey Residency – week two


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Week two was devoted to making decisions and moving forward. We finalized the design of both the project and a keepsake. Mock-ups were made and remade, ideas failed and succeeded. Ellen worked her Illustrator magic and saved me days of computer frustration. We have now ordered paper, polymer plates and adhesive. The materials budget is pretty well spent.

The Floating Library

July 18, 2015toAugust 1, 2015


My book Landlocked is a part of the Floating Library, a lending library of artist books housed on a custom-made raft on Silver Lake in Silverwood Park, Saint Anthony, MN. The library is open on the weekends in July and on August 1 at 8:30 pm there will be a moonlight paddle / poetry reading / closing event. For more information: the Floating Library.

The Coffey Residency – week one


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The first week of my residency is devoted to research in the Citrus fruit label collection in Smathers Special Collections Library at the U of Florida. There are hundreds of labels and they are gorgeous.

An Ideation Experience at Abecedarian Gallery

June 19, 2015toAugust 1, 2015

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My book Who Gets to Say is included in the current exhibit An Ideation Experience at the Abecedarian Gallery in Denver. The exhibition of contemporary artist books is curated by Alicia Bailey. The exhibition features entirely new and original handmade books from  students, educators and studio artists working in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. All of the works were created and produced over the past several months as a response to each artists’ drawing a series of cards from Chen and Tetenbaum’s Artists’ Book Ideation Card Decks. The works in the exhibit provide an exciting overview of the richness and variety that is possible when one works from an imposed set of parameters. To see the online exhibit go to:

Ideation Experience | Product Categories | Abecedarian Gallery

New Impressions in American Letterpress

May 15, 2015toJune 30, 2015
Who copy
My print Desdemona In Her Own Words: Who has been selected by Tracy Honn for this exhibit at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, WI. The thirty-seven selected works in New Impressions in American Letterpress persuasively represent the exuberant vibrancy of contemporary printmaking. View a pdf of the catalog here: